American Jewish Committee Houston Region, founded in 1946 by local philanthropist Max Nathan, engages in advocacy for the welfare of Israel, safeguards the rights of Jews worldwide, promotes American pluralism, and enriches the quality of Jewish life in our community.

The office provides leadership and guidance for several prominent city and statewide coalitions working on social justice issues that affect all Americans. Consisting of more than 175,000 contributors locally and nationally, who are committed to religious freedom and separation of church and state. AJC Houston is a respected voice in the local political, religious, and academic arenas. As we work to protect human rights around the world, we are equally committed to strengthening the community and enriching the quality of life for all of our residents. 


As a non-profit organization and under 501c3 IRS guidelines, AJC does not rate, endorse or raise funds for any candidate for public office.