Domestic & Jewish Affairs Commission

Vice President for Domestic/Jewish Affairs: Iris Fisherman 

BDS and Anti-Semitism on Campus: The movement to Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) Israel, which is particularly popular on U.S. college campuses, seeks to undermine Israel’s very legitimacy as a state. Its adherents ignore the history and current reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, preferring the moral simplicity of condemnation. Those individuals leading the BDS movement have also instilled anti-Semitism on the campus. 

Energy Security: AJC, through its many regions, urges the United States to set a comprehensive energy policy aimed not only at substantial reduction in U.S. dependence on imported oil as a primary national goal with the potential for energy flexibility, but also on environmental protection. Houston, geared to becoming the energy capital of the world, is hard at work on alternative energy sources and setting policies for energy conservation. 

Immigration Reform: AJC affirms that immigration reform is in the best interest of America’s economy, security and values. As its signature contribution to the immigration debate, the Bridging America Project engages leaders from mainstream sectors of society (including business, labor, education, healthcare, faith and law enforcement) to form coalitions of “unlikely allies” in support of fair and pragmatic immigration reform. Houston has a Bridging America Task Force, made up of leaders from all sectors of Houston, in order to tackle immigration reform. AJC Houston has conducted five immigration summits in the region.