Intergroup/Interethnic Affairs Commission

Vice President:  Susan Altschuler 

Chair, Latin American Jewish Task Force: Robert Eigler

Fundamental to AJC's mission is the belief that the security and well-being of the Jewish community is connected to that of all groups in America. AJC Houston is involved in several dialogues and diplomatic efforts with other faith and ethnic groups.

To further the dialogue with various ethnic groups, AJC Houston:

  • Holds monthly dialogue meeting with the Presbyterian Community
  • Builds relationships with the Houston Indian community.
  • Organizes Emerging Leaders Workshops for Mexican Americans in partnership with the Consulate of Mexico.  The workshops provide up and coming Latino leaders in Houston with key strategic tools that will allow them to engage in political advocacy and community organizing within the American society. These tools help them to succeed as community leaders. Local experts known to both the Mexican Consulate and AJC, help to conduct the seminars and information sessions in the fields of advocacy, fundraising and media outreach. 
  • Dialogues and relationship building with other faith and ethnic communities in Houston; including the Kurdish and Yazidi communities as well as the Catholic, Methodist and Muslim communities.