Annual Tribute Event: Rebecca and Max H. Nathan Award


The Rebecca and Max H. Nathan Award, named for the first president of AJC Houston and his wife, is presented annually to an individual or individuals in the Southwest who have performed most meritoriously in the cause of human relations, and who exemplify the finest traditions of his or her heritage, with dedicated service to the community. 


Archbishop Robert E. Lucey 1962
William P. Stevens 1963
Bishop John L. Morkovsky 1964
Reuben W. Askanase 1965
Simon Sakowitz 1966
Joe Weingarten 1967
I. Weiner 1968
Dr. Bernard Farfel 1969
Irvin Shlenker 1970
Bernard Weingarten 1971
Lt. Gov. William P. Hobby 1972
Sandra Weiner 1973
Dr. Leo Horvitz 1974
Rabbi Hyman J. Schachtel 1975
Virginia Battlestein 1976
Rabbi Robert & Roselle Kahn 1977
Harry D. Caldwell 1978
Muriel Folloder 1979
Seymour Cohen 1980
Col. and Mrs. Albert Kaufman 1981
Ruth and Sanford Lack 1982
Florence and Ben Blum 1983
Miriam Mendell 1984
Dolores Wilkenfeld 1985
Jack Lapin 1986
Elaine & Herman Proler 1987
Irvin Kaplan 1988
Ruth & Alexander Brodsky 1989
Ted Dinerstein 1990
Ann & Stephen Kaufman 1991
J. Kent Friedman 1992
Ellen R. Cohen 1993
Ellen Penner 1994
Cyvia & Melvyn Wolff 1995
Barry Lewis 1997
Sherry & Gerald Merfish 1998
Maxine & Herman Lapin 1999
J. Victor Samuels 2000
Frances Friedman 2001
Ed Wulfe 2002
David Mincberg 2003
Irving Pozmantier 2004
Velva and Fred Levine 2005
Sara Speer Selber 2006
Janis & David Goldstein 2007
Alan Helfman 2008
Fred Zeidman 2009 - National Human Relations Award
Joe Williams 2009
Steve and Ellen Susman 2010
Marvin and Shirley Barish 2011
Rabbis Sam Karff, Joseph Radinsky, Jack Segal and Roy Walter 2012
Marci Rosenberg and Ben Samuels 2013
Kevin Lewis, Becky Proler, Max Reichenthal and Annette Sondock 2014
David Barish, Stephen Breslauer, Nat Levy and Roger Sofer 2015
Carol Goldberg, Marcia Nichols, Tracy Stein and Shira Yoshor 2016